Writing Pad Terms & Conditions

I authorize Writing Pad Inc. to charge me for the order total. I further affirm that the name and personal information provided on this form are true and correct. I further declare that I have read, understand and accept Writing Pad Inc.’s business terms as published on their website. By submitting my order, I agree to pay Writing Pad Inc.

Class Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final and there are no refunds. Credit may be offered based on class availability. If you can’t come to class, call or email us as far in advance as possible. We will do everything we can to fill your spot, but we can’t make any guarantees. Credit eligibility is not based upon your reason for being unable to attend a class; it is based upon the timing of your credit request and our ability to fill your spot. If we find someone to take your place, you will receive class credit minus a $25 processing fee for 1 day classes and $50 processing fee for long classes. In that case, your class credit will be good for a year from your original sign up date and will expire after that. Otherwise, your payment will be forfeit. To use class credits, you need to sign up for class in advance by emailing hello@writingpad.com or calling 213.325.6910. If the class is being paid for as part of a payment plan, regardless of whether the student stops attending class, the payment plan must be paid in full by the end of the class. Failure to do so will result in the student’s account being turned over to collections.

Event Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final. Because event space is limited, please let us know in advance if you can't make it. There are no ticket exchanges and no refunds due to the small size of our staff.

Certificate Program Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final and there are no refunds. In accordance with program policy, you must sign up for your first required class within 9 weeks of registration or your certificate program purchase will be forfeit.

Payment Plan Policy:

By placing a payment plan order, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. All payment plans include an additional admin fee and a small credit card processing fee which is built into each weekly payment. Your card will automatically be charged every week until your class is paid off. At minimum, you must pay for each class meeting before it meets. Once you sign up for a payment plan, you are responsible for paying in full regardless of your class attendance. Rejected payment transactions are subject to an additional $25 fee.

Web Conferencing & Recording Policy:

Until further notice, web conferencing is now free for all students. If you are unable to attend your online class, Writing Pad does offer recording of class meetings – $50 for each class meeting you want recorded. You must pre-pay and book this service at least four hours in advance of the class meeting. 1-day classes are never eligible for recording. If you pay for a recording and we are unable to honor your request, the amount paid for that service on that particular class meeting will be refunded. We will not issue a refund for these services under any other circumstance.

Class Recording Policy:

Student understands that classes may be recorded via video or audio and that by agreeing to these terms and conditions, student hereby consents to his/her voice and likeness being recorded. All class recordings are for educational purposes and will be promptly destroyed after their use. Also, student is advised that various laws prohibit the misappropriation of intellectual property such as script ideas and the like and agrees not to utilize class recordings for such impermissible purposes.