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Laurenne Sala

(Target, Coca-Cola, 4 Pubbed Picture Books)

Laurenne started her career in advertising, writing commercials for Jack-in-the-box. Over the past 15 years, she's written for brands like Target, BuzzFeed, Spotify, Beats by Dre, Blizzard, eHarmony, H&R Block, ChowNow, DirecTV, Bugaboo, Dr. Pepper, and countless others. During that time, she also established Taboo Tales, a storytelling show that helps people turn the stories that scare them into comedy pieces for the stage. Their motto is "The more we all talk about how fucked up we are, the more normal we all feel." She's written or edited 100s of pieces for the stage over the ten years of the show, helping novice to experienced writers make the audience laugh, cry, and fall in love. She's sold some of those essays to Bustle, Tiny Buddha, GOOD Magazine, has written a food column for LA's KCET and has blogged for HuffPo. Laurenne also writes picture books. You Made Me a Mother debuted in 2016. You Made Me a Dad followed in 2019, both from Harper Collins. We Hope You Remember is a customizable book out from, and her newest, Mi Casa Es My Home hits shelves in 2021 from Candlewick.