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Geoff Silverman

Manager, The Cartel

Geoff Silverman is a manager at the boutique firm The Cartel, where he manages Graphic Novel companies to Showrunners to working writers the likes of Constance Burge (Instinct, creator of Charmed); Earl Davis (White Famous); Erin Maher & Kay Reindl (Swamp Thing); Anupam Nigam (Station 19); Andy Colville (Star Trek Discovery, Turn, Mad Men); Andre Bormanis (COSMOS, The Orville); Richard Sweren (Law & Order SVU); Kim Newton (Gotham); Maisha Closson (Claws; How To Get Away Murder); Kiersten VanHorne (Krypton); John Musero (Newsroom); Vanessa Parise (Charmed). Geoff began his entertainment career as an assistant at The William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills and segued over to FOX (FBC) for Bob Greenblatt (Bob now NBC prexy). He was involved in assisting Bob in development duties on X-Files, Party of Five, and Melrose Place. He was then hired by the legendary Brandon Tartikoff (former head of NBC, ABC, Paramount Pics) as Director, Development at New World TV. Silverman developed and sold 3 network series with Brandon, while at the same time serving as the Current Programming executive on Wiseguy, Silk Stalkings, and The Commish. In 1999, Geoff was recruited to run a TV development unit for director Brett Ratner called Rat TV, where he oversaw their Sony overall deal and later with WBTV.