LA – East

Los Angeles, CA 90063

Things To Do


La Terraza Cafe: Local family-owned coffee shop. Comfortable, trendy setting. Fast WiFi. Interesting coffees and teas. Delicious sandwiches, salads and pastry.
4017 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063

Taco Truck Near City Terrace Drive/Right Before Strip Mall at Bonnie Beach Plaza
Across the street from 3864 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063
They have a scrolling digital sign outside of this taco truck. They have the most amazing tacos with handmade tortillas–everything is delicious especially the mole, carne asada, tinga (chicken), chicharon. Open from 6:30 to 10:30 almost every night. Cheap and delicious–run by a family.

Mariscos Linda Truck: Soft and fried shrimp tacos, cocteles,  tostadas, burritos….
Fantastic! Tostadas, fish tacos, yum yum yum. Closes very early.
3945 City Terrace Dr E, Los Angeles, CA 90063

Alvarez Bakery: Delicious Mexican pan dulce, baked goods, ham sandwiches.
4125 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063

Mercado Hidalgo: Grocery store with the most amazing creamy fruit popsicles (coconut, strawberry, mango)–Paletas are only $1 each and are in a ice cream cooler near the register lines. They have sandwiches too. 
4101 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063


La Chuperia: Dive bar with delicious tacos, burritos and tortas (Mexican sandwiches) that you can eat there or take to go. I highly recommend the chicken or veggie torta. So good! Open noon till midnight every day. Great selection of beers on tap as well. Or try the chuper nachos (the bigggest plate of nachos loaded up with meat you have ever seen–2 people can eat it) or a Michelada (Mexican bloody Mary with beer and seafood) for a hearty meal after class.
3702 Medford St, Los Angeles, CA 90063

Dough Box Pizza: I am from Chicago and am super picky about my pizza. I LOVE this place. It has great Chicago style pizza and regular pizza. One word: delicious. Recommendation–order ahead and eat in.
2734 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Tonys Subs and Salads: Excellent deli sandwiches and great sides. You can order ahead and pick it up or eat there.
4507 Valley Blvd, Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Tamales Lilianas: Excellent tamales and Mexican food. Fast for a sit down place and delicious. I highly recommend!
4629 E Cesar E Chavez Ave Los Angeles, CA 90022

El Tepeyac: Ginormous, delicious burritos. An LA institution. You must try it.
812 N Evergreen Ave Los Angeles, CA 90033

Moles La Tia: Good mole and Mexican food. Next to Tamales Lilianas.
4619 E Cesar E Chavez Ave Los Angeles, CA 90022

Chili and Lemon Thai: Decent Thai food.
701 S Atlantic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90022