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SF: Free Storytelling Show Hosted by Corey Rosen (Moth Host)

518 Valencia Oct 18 (1 Friday Evening)7:30pm - 9:00pm

35 Spots Left

Check out this sampling of stories by the talented writers/performers of Corey Rosen’s Storytelling Class at Writing Pad. Hear stories about dating disasters to family dysfunction. You’ll be inspired and entertained! Join us at our Free San Francisco Storytelling Show at Freedom Archives.

Corey Rosen – StorytellingBring a date, friends or family to hear some of the most amazing storytelling in San Francisco. If you have ever wanted to see this unique artform in action, now is the time! Join us afterwards for drinks/schmooze.

Performers: Aditya Basheer, Anna Minkow, Hieu Dao, Jeff Hanson, Katherine McCutcheon, John McCoy, Lonhyn Jasinskyj, Diane Blattner, Devin Ottway, Caitlin Rose

Where: Freedom Archives 518 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Corey Rosen

Moth Host

Corey Rosen is an actor, writer and visual effects producer who lives in San Francisco. He is a regular host of The Moth StorySlam series in the Bay Area, and his stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour and the Back Fence PDX: Mainstage. Corey began his career writing for Jim Henson Productions and Comedy Central in New York City. As an actor, Corey can be see as a main stage company player at BATS Improv, where he improvises feature length plays.   His film credits include Iron Man, Grindhouse, Ted, and The Phantom Menace. He recently wrote the script for a ride-film at a Chinese Theme Park. MORE