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San Francisco Jun 5, Jun 12, Jun 19, Jun 26, Jul 10 (5 Wednesday Evenings)7:00pm - 10:00pm$4951 Spot Left

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Is it your dream to create the next Serial, This American Life, or Startup? If so, this is the class for you! In this five-week San Francisco Podcasting Class, Podcasting expert Catherine Girardeau (Senior Producer, Pushkin Industries) will teach you the fundamentals of this engaging new storytelling form. Through informative craft lectures, in-class writing exercises, deconstructing successful podcasts and hands-on technical training you will learn how top tier shows are developed, researched, written, and produced.

In addition, you will explore tools of the trade such as interviewing techniques, audio editing basics, use of archival audio, miking and field recording techniques. By the end of the class you will have thoroughly developed an idea for your own podcast and have at least a solid outline of your pilot episode plus a recording of a short teaser. Pulitzer not included.

Required Equipment:
1. A WIFI ready laptop, onto which you’ll need to download a free audio editing software like Audacity or Garage Band or a paid program like Hindenburg.
2. An inexpensive audio recorder, or an iPhone or cell phone with a good voice recording app.

Catherine Girardeau

Producer, Against The Rules (Michael Lewis, The Big Short), Freelancer, PRI's The World

Catherine Girardeau is a senior producer of Against The Rules, a podcast with author/journalist Michael Lewis (Moneyball, The Big Short), recently featured on This American Life. Against The Rules covers fairness and the people who try to enforce it for Pushkin Industries (an audio company co-founded by Jacob Weisberg, former chairman & editor-in-chief, Slate Group and bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell (The New Yorker). Catherine is also a producer for Origin Stories for the Leakey Foundation and a podcaster in residence at Grace Cathedral. She's also been a senior producer at, worked with, the Stanford Storytelling Project, APM's Marketplace, KALW, Antenna Audio and others. Her radio features have been aired on PRI's The World, Marketplace, Marketplace Tech, the Distillations podcast and public radio stations around the country. Recent work includes Viewpoints: Body Language, an audio and visual exploration of gesture for the Metropolitan Museum of Art; audio features on a Syrian expat orchestra in Germany and a UK company helping humans become cyborgs; and a series of guided meditations for San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. MORE