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TV Comedy 2 TV Comedy Draft Writing Workshop

Online Dec 4, Dec 11, Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 26 (8 Saturday Afternoons)2:30pm - 6:00pm Pacific$11402 Spots Left

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Pre-requisite: Beat sheet for a 1/2 hour comedy or dramedy finished in TV 1 or TV Comedy 1 at Writing Pad. No 1 hour projects allowed, no projects that have not been vetted in a Writing Pad TV 1 class.

You have all the elements of a great TV Comedy: a great premise, clear characters, an engaging world, and a solid beat sheet. Unfortunately, the thought of actually writing the pilot fills you with dread every time you stare down at the blank screen. No problem! Jack Kukoda (Superstore, Mr. Pickles) will take you through the paces in this 8-week Online TV Comedy Pilot Draft Writing Workshop. He will help you hone your beat sheets, turn them into an outline, and introduce your characters with pizazz. Jack will also show you how to write that killer opening scene and turn your detailed roadmap into literary gold. By the end of this Online TV Comedy Draft Writing Workshop, you’ll have made progress on your first draft and be on your to way to revising it. Emmy not included.
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112 padders have been staffed & 49 won fellowships at ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC after taking our TV classes.

Prerequisites: Beat sheet for a 1/2 hour comedy or dramedy finished in TV 1 or TV Comedy 1 at Writing Pad. No 1 hour projects allowed. You must have worked on this beat sheet in TV 1 or TV Comedy 1.

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Jack Kukoda

Superstore, Community, Mr. Pickles

Jack Kukoda is a writer on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's Mr. Pickles. He has also written on NBC's Superstore, FX's Wilfred, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's China, IL, and NBC's Community. He wrote on Movie 43 and also was a writer on Onion SportsDome and the Onion News Network. MORE