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TV Structure for Pilot Writing Killer TV Pilot Architecture Clinic

LA – East Jun 2 (1 Sunday Afternoon)2:00pm - 5:00pm$95.00

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structure-diagramWriting a TV pilot is a tall order for anyone and without firm footing, your feet are as good as clay. Fortunately, whether you’re writing a thriller set in outer space or an angsty teen love romance set on a Montana ranch there’s a set of basic principles that will help you consistently arrive at “the end.” In this one-day structure clinic, TV Writers Ava Tramer (Netflix’s Atypical) and Daniel McLellan (Netflix’s Lost in Space) will help you apply the toolset of the scribe to root your story in a clearly defined genre, give it a rock-solid spine and compelling arcs that launch your pilot firmly into series. Through inspiring lectures, fun writing exercises and Q & A, you’ll learn how to craft an irresistible spine that will never lead you astray. By the end of the class, you’ll have all the necessary tools at your disposal to put your TV series on firm footing! Topics include: Act breaks, ABC Stories, reversals, twists, arcs, weaves, cliffhangers, blows and more.

20 padders have been staffed & 12 won fellowships at ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC after taking our TV classes.

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Ava Tramer

Atypical, Angie Tribeca, Trophy Wife, and The Loud House

Ava is currently writing on the upcoming Fox animated show DUNCANVILLE, starring Amy Poehler. She has written on ATYPICAL, ANGIE TRIBECA, TROPHY WIFE, and THE LOUD HOUSE. Additionally she has written pilots for Disney and Fox. Her pilot for Fox, produced by 50 Cent and Will Packer, allowed her to accomplish her lifelong goal of joining a rapper's entourage. She has also done work on the feature side for Universal and Sony Pictures Animation. She started her career as an assistant in some of the industry's best writers rooms -- THE OFFICE, PARKS & RECREATION, THE MINDY PROJECT, and HELLO LADIES. Ava is a graduate of Harvard, where she studied sociology and anthropology. MORE

Daniel McLellan

Netflix's Lost in Space, ABC Development

Daniel McLellan has been a writer on Netflix's epic sci-fi adventure LOST IN SPACE for the last two seasons and is slotted to continue writing on the show for season 3. He's currently developing a show with Electus. Before he became a TV writer, Dan worked in network development at ABC Comedy (Modern Family) and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television (Under the Dome, Halo, and Falling Skies). He also worked in post-production at Fox TV Studios (The Americans, Burn Notice) and served as a writer's assistant on ABC's the Whispers. MORE