Writing Prompt: Your Very Own Tall Tale

 by Marilyn Friedman

It’s almost Halloween–yay!  It’s time to let your imagination run wild and dress up like a character from one of your favorite stories or movies. Fun! 
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November Classes

Short and Sweet: The Art of The Short Story

In honor of our new short story class, here’s a writing prompt to inspire your very own story classic.  Make a list of your 5 favorite fairy tales or short stories.  Pick one.  Now write down five specific details of that story (e.g. For Little Red Riding Hood I’d write down: 1. red cloak, 2. big fangs, 3. cherry pies in a basket, 4. granny nightgown, and 5. “What big eyes you have!”).  Set the timer for 10 min.  Write a modern version of this tale, including at least 2 of the 5 specific details that you wrote down.  Maybe apply this story to something that happened to you recently.  Start your story with “Once upon a time” and then post the results in the comments of this blog!
Comment on this blog!  Write a modern fairy tale.  If you post your story in the comments of this blog, you could win a free class!
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