Writing Prompt: Your Movie Character Walks Into A Bar

Theresa Miller by Theresa Miller
We arrive at the bar and I see that the decor is 19th century Gothic revival, not Rococo as my idiotic but extremely attractive girlfriend, Lydia, had mentioned. The walls don’t complement the pattern in my tie. I want to break her arm. Embarrassed almost to the point of tears, I whisper to her that I can’t stay long, I have to return some videotapes.
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For this week’s writing prompt, think of a character you love or are fascinated with. It can be a character from TV, a movie, a book, or a comic strip! Pretend your character just walked into a bar. Write in that character’s voice for ten minutes. What would he or she say? What would they do? Are they with someone? Do they interact or play the wallflower? The bar scene can be in any time period, in any part of the world. Include sensory details about the bar.
We walk further in. I’m enraged when I remember that Paul Allen went to Rose Bar just last night, a bar much cooler and far more expensive than this one. I know because I heard him bragging about it to the secretary he was almost certainly sleeping with. The hostess guides us to our table. I pray no one notices that she’s prettier than Lydia.
I order the açaí berries gelée mousse for my date, as her eating disorder won’t allow for anything more substantial after 4pm. I order the cream stuffed white fish and Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage. A daring but rewarding choice. Upon realizing that I will have to endure Lydia’s company without the distraction of a group of friends, I search to find someone in the place I might know.
“There’s Paul Allen!”
“I’ll be right back.”
Outside of the bar I call the maître d’ and tell her to inform Lydia, table 7, that I’d gotten a sudden and very painful stomach virus and had to run. Paul Allen was taking me home and I wouldn’t be available for several hours.
“Do you understand? Several hours.”
I get in my limo and head to the Red Light District.
I used Patrick Batemen from American Psycho (2000). Now rack your brain for an intriguing character and tell us what happens when they walk into a bar! Make sure to tell us who it is and what story/movie/book they’re from at the end of the prompt. Post your story in the comments below, including some sensory details, and you could win a free class!

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