Writing Prompt: Traveling Misadventures

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.31.22 PMBy Abbey Hester


Traveling is the worst, am I right? Sure, there are some good parts: the sunset from the plane window, the unexpectedly cool pit stop on the side of the road, the pure joy of people-watching at the airport. But traveling is an adventure, and sometimes adventure is just a euphemism for unpredictable spiral of chaos and cancelled flights.


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Writing Prompt:


This week, we’re writing about traveling mishaps. Make a list of three journeys you’ve taken that didn’t run as smoothly as planned. Pick your favorite and add a sensory detail: the lemon-and-sweat smell of the airport floor, the loud pop as your tire blew, the strangely silky pillows in that crappy motel. Now write for ten minutes and include your sensory detail.


My travel adventure story involves me, three roommates, and a monstrous rental truck. We were moving to LA from the other side of the country, and we had absolutely no experience with such a big truck. The thing was unwieldy, hard to maneuver, and all around awful. Perhaps to be honest I should say we were all around awful at driving it. Over the course of our four-day journey, we got the truck stuck in three different parking lots, broke its tail light, ran it into a gas pump, and destroyed one of its tires.


Let’s just say we’re not going to be approved for our big-rig CDL’s anytime soon.


What’s your travel adventure saga? Post your story in the comments and you could win a free class!