Writing Prompt: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dish

By Dalia Martinez


Food is going to be on our minds next week. My family usually has more than one dinner to attend. Therefore, I start dieting now.


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Writing Prompt:
For this week’s writing prompt, make a list of three Thanksgiving foods that you look forward to all year long (e.g. hot-oven turkey, home-made stuffing, garlic buttery mashed potatoes). What is your delectable weakness? Pick one. What does this dish entail? Butter, butter and more butter? Add a sensory detail to it (e.g. smell, taste, sound, touch). And then write about your favorite Thanksgiving dish for 10 minutes, including the sensory detail. Write an ode to this dish or include it as an item that is being eaten in a scene.


My favorite casserole is made with marshmallows melting on top of mashed sweet potatoes, mixed with brown sugar, chopped pecans AND butter. I repeat: BUTTER! It could be something from Paula Deen’s kitchen. To give you perspective, my snacks are usually a spinach-kale-berry blend. (Stop rolling your eyes! I see you!) But The Dish is the Superbowl of calories and gluttony for me. It’s the one time of the year when all culinary rules are broken and diet boundaries are crossed. Blame the sweet, buttery, gooey goodness that balances the rest of the meal. Turkey? Good. Cranberry sauce? Meh. Steamed veggies? Bish please.


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