Writing Prompt: Spring Has Sprung, Unfortunately

Theresa Miller by Theresa Miller
April showers bring May *shudder*. The thing that most people love about spring is the thing I hate most about it: the flowers. Beyond the fact that I find nothing particularly beautiful about them, they require a frightful amount of tending-to, are awkward when presented as gifts, and most of all, they harbor a thriving community of insects. You wanna thank me? Buy me jewelry.
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Publishpalooza: A Book Proposal Writing Workshop

Publishpalooza: A Book Proposal Writing Workshop (5 Wk)

How To Hook An Agent: Breaking Into YA
So what do you loathe about Spring? What do you absolutely love about it? Do you think of birds chirping or bees stinging? Do you have a particular memory associate with the popular season? Write about it for 10 minutes and give us all the sensory details!
I was playing in my grandmothers garden when I first learned that creepy crawlies like to play in gardens, too. After examining a small rose, I felt something tickle my arm. It looked like a piece of lint, maybe a fuzzy-wuzzy. I tried to flick it off, but when I did it started to move. I screamed as loud as I could and my grandmother came rushing out of the house.
“What is it?!”
I pointed to the alien thing crawling on my arm. “Oh, girl. That’s just a caterpillar,” she hissed as she picked it off of me and threw it over the gate. Saying I was traumatized is an understatement. For years after that I wouldn’t walk under trees, wouldn’t play in the grass, and certainly would never pick flowers or receive them as gifts. I dreamed of living in a busy city where the only shade came from awnings and tall buildings, with a sterile, minimalist apartment to go home to. An open space with steele stairs and hardwood floors that would expose any tiny intruder. A modern version of THX 1138.
By the time I’d taken an interest in nature again, well into my 20s, flowers had lost their beauty and wonder. At this point, I really can’t tell the difference between a piece of shiny broken glass and a chrysanthemum. Both are useless and probably dirty. I don’t get it, and probably never will. If any potential dates are reading: Impress me with a sandwich, a macaroni picture, a Groupon… but don’t come near me with those freaking roses.
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