Writing Prompt – Scandalous Acts

By Sophia Kercher

With Halloween swiftly approaching, I am reminded of scandalous costumes and October debauchery!  For instance, once in college, I dressed up in a très sexy French maid costume and drank such potent vodka-laced cocktails that I passed out at my apartment and didn’t even make it to the Halloween party. I bet that you have some great tales to tell. Unlock your wildest stories at our upcoming Taboo Tales Workshop. Published writer and Taboo Tales co-producer Laurenne Sala will teach you how to mix dirty secrets with hilarious details to create an irresistible piece for one of LA’s hottest storytelling shows (or any other literary variety show).

Let us help you spill your zany tales at our exciting line-up of October and November classes:

Start 10/23 – 10/31:
From Snoozeville to Sizzletown: Crafting A Page Turner
I Would Never Do That: A Taboo Tales Workshop

Short and Sweet: The Art of The Short Story

Writing Prompt: Here’s a writing prompt inspired by our upcoming Taboo Tales Workshop.  Make a list 5 things that you’ve done (or a fictional character has done) that are scandalous or embarassing.  Pick one and and write a scene in which you (or your) character are caught doing that scandalous thing.

For example, I’m going to write about my character Grace who at the age of 13, gets caught smoking cigarettes that she stole from her Uncle.

Comment on this blog! Write about getting caught in a a scandalous act! Post your juicy 10 minute write in the comments, and you could win a free class!

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