Writing Prompt – Pucker Up

by Amy Robinson

Kiss your inner critic goodbye! February is full of fun ways to get your writing projects done like our steamy Erotic Writing class, irreverent Anti-Valentines Day workshop, and fantastic Stranger Than Fiction class! They are filling up fast, call 323-333-2954 to RSVP before all the seats are spoken for!

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  • Writing Pad Ojai Retreat (Mar. 25 – 27 at a gorgeous ecosanctuary with award-winning author Thaisa Frank, NPR’s Alex Cohen, and Writing Pad’s Marilyn Friedman)

Writing Prompt: Make a list of 5 memorable kisses for yourself or your character. How about a first kiss or a forbidden kiss? Add a sensory detail to it (smell, taste, sound, touch, sight), then write about it for 10 minutes. Describe the kiss in great detail: was it soft or sloppy, passionate, or comforting and chaste? What was it like outside–cold, steamy? What song was playing on the radio? Then post your smooching story in the comments of this blog.

Comment on this blog! What memorable kiss have you, or your character, shared?
Post your 10 minute write in the comments, and you could win a free class!

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