Writing Prompt: Overheard Conversations

By Amy Robinson

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  • Your Name In Print (Sun. a.m., starts Nov. 7)–2 spots leftWriting Prompt: Make a list of five things that you’ve overheard. Or go eavesdrop in a cafe or a park and open your ears! Pick one of the sentences from your list of five overheard things and write about it for 10 minutes. Be as outrageous as you want. You can write about how that sentence affected you. Then post your results in the comment section of this blog!
Example: During breakfast at Denny’s, I overheard a 20-something girl say to her friend “If it hadn’t been for that horse, I never would have finished college.” That horse must have been a really great teacher!
Comment on this blog! Write about a line of a conversation that you overheard. The best mini-story of October/November will win a free class! All comments will receive likes and remembers from Marilyn.