Writing Prompt Next Week

By Marilyn Friedman

It’s January and gyms are packed to the gills. My favorite cafe is crowded with writers tapping on their iPads. The reason? It’s New Year’s Resolution time and I refuse to be left behind. My alarm is set to ring a half hour earlier than usual. I bought a coffee maker with a timer so it’s done by the time I creep into the kitchen. I’ve got some writing goals I’m itching to reach, and I’ve caught the New Year’s Resolution Wave and Writing Pad to help me complete them.

Got an essay you’re dying to see in print or on Salon? Allow your words to take flight and be held accountable for finishing it and sending it out by taking an essay class by: If your dream is to complete a draft of that novel you’ve been writing for 6 years, get the final push to the finish line by taking this class: Has “Go to Thailand and write a travel piece that focuses on diet and longevity” been on your wish list for the past 4 years? Get the tips you need to be a travel writer by taking this class: Haunted by a children’s story but have no idea how to structure such a story? Reach all of your goals this year by getting the tiny push you need. Clocks-a-ticking.

Note: classes with an asterix (*) will be held at our new, posh Westside location in Westwood!

It’s Playtime: Writing for Kids (5 Week)

Children’s and YA Writing
YA Character Collage: Crafting Your Story From The Outside In 

Creative Writing and Multi Genre
So You Want To Be A Writer
Finishing School*
Literary Games: Crafting the Conceptual Story*

Fiction, Memoir, and Romance
Memorable Memoir Bootcamp: Make Your True Tales Thrilling
A Novel Approach: Tackling The Long Format Writing ProjectWriting In Series: Crafting Stories That Keep On Telling
Structure, Structure, Structure: Building The Foundation For A Killer Book or Movie*
Literary Games: Crafting the Conceptual Story*
I Love You Silly: Crafting The Perfect Romance
Fiction Bootcamp: Mastering The Art of the Tale Tale

 Journalism, Personal Essay and Web Writing
So You Want To Be A Freelancer*

Hook Ups, Break Ups, And Missed Connections: Writing The Relationship Essay
Query Letter Clinic: Writing The Pitch That Sells Your Story
You in 1200 Words: Writing and Publishing The Personal Essay*

Playwriting and Writing for Actors
Story Time: A Performed Essay Workshop

Business Time: A Screenwriter’s Survival Skills Workshop
Dream It, Write It, Pitch It: Screenwriting Bootcamp*
Structure, Structure, Structure: Building The Foundation For A Killer Book or Movie*
Punch It Up: Polishing Your TV Pilot (or Spec Script)
Dr. Eds Development Bootcamp: The Ten Page Workout*

Writing Prompt:
Reflect on last year and the changes you made, personally, professionally and emotionally. In what areas have you improved? Where did you fall short? Where have you progressed? Where did you make empty promises to yourself? What happened? Look at the list you wrote and choose the hardest change you made last year. Think about how that affected you day-to-day – maybe food tasted differently if you recently quit smoking or a new jogging routine made your morning commute all the more vivid.

For ten minutes, write a scene where a character based on you makes a big shift and explore the consequences that shift has on his or her life.

Write a short transformation story about about a you-like character including little nuances that illustrate how hard it is to adjust to change. Share your exercise in the comments of this blog to be entered in the contest for a free class!