Writing Prompt: Mr./Ms. Wrong

Theresa Miller by Theresa Miller
He was 6 foot 4 and gorgeous. The type of gorgeous that could make a rational, self-respecting Writing Pad intern make excuses for bad behavior. We met in acting class. After strategically distracting the other smitten women in the group with what amounted to “Hey! Look over there!” I had him all to myself. Little did I know that I was in for 3 months of arguments, emotional neglect, and general idiocy. Despite this, I was completely enthralled. He was my Mr. Wrong.
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Writing Prompt:
For this week’s writing prompt, think of a partner you’ve had who was completely wrong for you. Why did you stay? Maybe she was a total hottie, maybe he was the only other person who shared your love of kraut rock, maybe you were naive. Add a specific detail about this person: an annoying habit, a screwed up worldview, a striking physical trait or weird mannerism. Write about your relationship for 10 minutes and include every sensory detail. Let us know why this person was truly wrong for you.
Dreadlocks, charm, and a body that wouldn’t quit. Sold. He walked into unfamiliar settings like he’d been there all his life, and got treated that way by nearly everyone he met. It’s hard to see your own flaws if no one else does, and boy was he blind.
Once, trying to mask his superficiality with psuedo-feminism and ill-researched political arguments, he told me that he considered himself a progressive because he’d dated a girl with very short hair. He won that argument, because I was speechless. He scolded me for asking him to wear deodorant, as it masked his “manly odor”, yet it was my duty to shave my legs everyday. After raiding my refrigerator and rummaging through my personal belongings, he would leave my humble little home a complete mess and get upset if I asked him to clean up. He continually borrowed money for gas because “How else am I going to come see you?”, all the while keeping a tight grip on his wallet. Finally, knowing that he’d be nosey enough to read it, I conspicuously left a note in his line of sight that not-so-nicely described the ways in which he was a failure as a partner. With his ego bruised, he gathered his things and slinked out the door.
Who was your Mr. or Ms. Wrong? Write about your experience in the comments section and you could win a free class!