Writing Prompt – It’s Just Like The Movies

 By Sophia Kercher and Marilyn Friedman

After watching Ryan Gosling zip around downtown L.A. in Drive, we have fallen in love all over again with cinema. Write your own Oscar-worthy film or TV show and let the successful film industry professionals who teach screenwriting at Writing Pad help you get it produced!  Sign-up before these classes are full!

Writing Prompt: Here’s a movie inspired writing prompt for this week.  Make a list of 5 significant people in your life (e.g., your Mom, your Dad, your siblings, your friends, your boss).  Pick one.  Write down something specific that the person does or says (for example, Marilyn’s mother starts every sentence with the word, “For.”). Now, make a list of five celebrities that could play that character in a movie.  Pick one.  Now, write down something specific that the celebrity does or says (for example, Ellen Degeneres is known to break out into dance, Charlie Sheen is notorious for saying, “winning,” etc.).

 Write a scene or story where the celebrity you chose meets the person from your life, be sure to include the specific things that the character and the celebrity does or says.  For example, Sophia is going to write a scene about her sassy friend Lisa meeting Kat Dennings at a party, and the two of them rolling their eyes in unison at an annoying drunk guy.

Kat Dennings pictured above 

Comment on this blog! Write about a person in your life meeting the celebrity version of themselves. If you post your 10 minute write in the comments, you could win a free class!