Writing Prompt: Horrible Bosses

Paula Orr HSBy Paula Sword Orr


He warned me that I would come crawling back if I ever left him, but leave I did and I never looked back. He wasn’t a lover or even a friend. He was the other guy: the horrible boss. Unless you’ve always been self-employed or independently wealthy, chances are you’ve had one. At one time or another we all report to someone.


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Writing Prompt:

For this week’s writing prompt, tell us about the nightmare boss that haunts you still. Make a list of three dreaded supervisors who abused their power. Pick one. Did he or she loom over your desk while you ate your lunch? Was he or she a screamer? (You know the type.) Add a sensory detail (the stench of halitosis, the feeling of blood rushing to your cheeks, the sound of her heels clicking down the hall). Now for 10 minutes, write about the legendary loon, including the sensory detail.


During an economic slump, I took a job at a research firm with two unforgettable bosses in an un-airconditioned office overrun by mice. The summer months were the worst. It was gross hot, the kind of hot that made my rayon slacks stick to my legs. Not to suffer needlessly, one boss — an Italian whose thick black hair curled in a pile on his chest — removed first his button-up, then his wife-beater and, finally, his pants.


The other boss, a tall lanky white guy, seemed semi-normal at first. That was, until the annual office masquerade party. While the rest of us came costumed as ubiquitous angels and devils, he showed up in black face. Michael Jackson, one year. Venus Williams the next. His choices were irreverent at best. I should have known what the other guy would be. Little yellow post-it notes with scrawled handwriting stuck to exposed skin, head to toe. He called himself The Naked Truth.


True story. Now you tell yours.


Take 10 minutes to write about a horrible boss. Then, post your story in the comments of this blog. You could win a free class!