Writing Prompt: Guilty Pleasures



By Lorinda Toledo


It’s the season of some of my favorite guilty pleasures — pumpkin pie and apple cider. But mostly, it’s the time of the year when I look forward to catching up with a few of my favorite people — Piper Chatman, Tim Riggins, and Walter White.


That’s right, when when the weather gets cooler and darkness falls earlier, I can usually be found curled up on the couch, binge watching my latest TV addiction courtesy digital streaming. I like to wrap myself in a blanket with a mug of something hot and visit with my new best friends: Netflix, Amazon, or HBO Go.


I do feel a little bad about it. After all, shouldn’t I be writing? So I’ll flick off the TV, grab some snacks and sit down to work on my latest story. Problem is, it’s just so hard to get my mind away from “Orange is the New Black,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Breaking Bad.” So, I remind myself to put down the clicker, and pull out my laptop.


Just imagine how great it would feel knowing that people are curled up their sweatpants, addicted to a show you created! Meanwhile, you’ll already be banging out your next hit.




Writing Prompt:


Sometimes it’s the little things that make us most happy — things like kicking up a pile of freshly raked leaves, watching TV all day, staying in bed to read, or eating pie for breakfast.


Make a list of some of your guilty pleasures. Is it something you prefer to indulge in alone, or an experience to be shared with your closest family or friends? Think of things you enjoy doing when there’s no one around who’ll judge. Pick one guilty pleasure. Then add a sensory detail to it (smell, sound, taste, touch).


Now for ten minutes, free-write about your guilty pleasure, including the sensory detail. Then, post it in the comments of this blog. You could win a free class!