Writing Prompt: Favorite Summer Destination

By Marilyn Friedman and Alana Saltz
We’re winding down for the summer, but we still have a few fantastic classes and events to engage your creative brilliance this summer. Scroll down for your writing prompt. Hope to see you soon! I’ll be posting the September classes shortly. Keep writing!

Photo credit: Alana Saltz

Writing Prompt: One of the best parts about summer time is the long-awaited summer vacation. We all have our own favorite summer destinations – those places we daydream about all year long, eagerly anticipating a visit.

Make a list of three places you’ve visited during the summer. Be specific (e.g. Zuma Beach, Wisconsin Dells, Ft. Lauderdale). Pick one. Add a specific detail that you remember about this place (e.g. Harry’s Fish Shack where they have the best shrimp tacos, the Spanish moss covered Haunted Victorian house). For 10 minutes, write a story that involves this place and include the specific detail. Post your story in the comments of this post to be entered into the July/August contest for a free class.

For example, Alana’s stepmother has family in Northern Ireland, so she’s gone there on vacation a few times in the summer. She stays in a village along the coast called Glenarm. Her favorite spot there is a beautiful wooded stream just down the cobblestone main road with a view of Glenarm Castle. The tiny town has two pubs, one cafe, and no restaurants or post office. It’s quite a contrast to Los Angeles!

What’s your favorite summer destination? Write about it for 10 minutes, and you could win a free one-day writing class!

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