Writing Prompt 11.27.10: Thanksgiving Weekend Writing Prompt

By Marilyn Friedman
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that you are having a fun, food filled weekend. Once you recover from eating your turkey or tofurky leftovers, don’t forget to sign up for a writing class at Writing Pad. Call 323-333-2954 or email marilyn@writingpad.com. They’re filling up fast! Here’s what on the menu for Dec./early January:

Writing Prompt:

Make a list of 5 things that come to mind when I say the word, “Thanksgiving.” You could write about things that you are thankful for, the foods that you ate or prepared for Thanksgiving, family gathering mishaps, etc. Pick one of the items off of your list, add a sensory detail to it (smell, taste, sound, touch, sight), and write for 10 minutes. Then post the results in the comments of this blog for the chance to win a free class (and for free likes and remembers)!
A few things on my list are the swiss chard and sage stuffing that took me five hours to make, cranberry persimmon sauce, and the one Thanksgiving that my father-in-law forced everyone to get H1N1 shots in the living room before we ate dinner. So I’ll write about one or more of those things. What are you going to write about?
Comment on this blog! What comes to mind when I say the word, “Thanksgiving?” Post your 10 minute write in the comments, and you could win a free class!
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