Writing Prompt 10/29/10: Your Vote Counts!

by Amy Robinson

We wrote volumes of amazing stuff last weekend at the Writing Pad High Desert Retreat. It was so much fun that we’re already planning our next weekend away! I am relaxed just thinking about it. Please vote on the dates for the next retreat in the comments of this blog. All dates are Friday through Sunday.

Ojai Retreat (or Idyllwild or Solvang–TBD)

Vote: Mar 4-7, Mar 11-13, Mar 18-20 or Mar 25-27, 2011?

Joshua Tree Retreat
Vote: Sept. 30- Oct. 2, Oct. 7-9, Oct. 14-16, or Oct. 21-23, 2011?

Let us know your favorite date(s) in the comments – delicious writing treats like Adel’s warm BBQ chicken sammies for lunch await you!

Writing Prompt:
Make a list of 5 things that come to mind when you hear the word “Election.” Then, pick one of the items off of your list and write for 10 minutes. Post your story in the comments of this blog. For example, this is what comes to my mind when I think of the word, “election”: My arch rival in grade school had the same first name as I did, Amy. When we both ran for class president in the 6th grade, I knew it was the glitter quotient that would decide my fate. So that is what I will write about.
Comment on this blog! What does the word “election” bring up for you? The best mini-story of October/November will win a free class! All comments will receive likes and remembers from Marilyn.