Winner of Nov. Comment Contest

Before I tell you who won, I want to tell you that I was truly blown away by the fantastic comments/stories people wrote! It was really, really hard to choose just one winner. To recognize the high quality of the comments, I’ve decided that everyone who commented on the blog in November gets 10% off their next Writing Pad class (in addition to the continuing student discount if you are a continuing student).

Thank you, everyone who participated! Your comments have taken this blog to a whole new level. I encourage you to use the prompts to keep up your writing practice between classes and post your short writes here. You can comment as many times as you like—even if it is just a snarky Facebook style sentence fragment. Just like in class, I will tell you what I like and remember and treat everything as fiction.

Also, there is still just one spot left in Aaron’s Saturday class. Email or call 323-333-2954 to snatch it up! Aaron will be unveiling this crazy amazing dialogue exercise that he hasn’t used in his long classes:

OK, I know—get to it already, you are dying to know. The winner of the November Comment Contest is Carol Wyatt. Congrats, Carol! In response to the question, “What’s your favorite place to write?” Carol said, “I keep a pad of paper next to my computer so I can write down thoughts that pop into my head while I’m working. Writing in bed on a lazy weekend is my favorite way to get things down on paper, when I have the time.” Sounds good to me! Her comment/story is fab and is under the “Thanksgiving Writing Prompt.”

You can check out all of the wonderful November comments/stories here:

I am holding another comment contest in the month of December. I will unveil a new weekly writing prompt by tomorrow. I hope you will keep commenting! 🙂