Vietnam vacation

By Antonia Crane and Marilyn Friedman

Relieved the holidays are over? Not so fast. Where did you go for your winter break and why? More Americans than ever drove their cars instead of flying this year and Antonia followed suit. At the last minute, she decided to cancel her flight. She took a 12 hour road trip with the boyfriend up the coast to northern California through pouring rain, enchanting wine country and then a winding, dark wet forest towards the beckoning waves of Samoa Beach. Antonia spent the holiday season hanging out with her family,  devouring crab in a boatyard where her Step dad restores ships, and playing blackjack at an Indian Casino.

Impromptu restaurants and moped parking in Hanoi

Marilyn and Jeff went to Vietnam of all places (a 15 hour flight away from LA that was well worth the pain). They leapfrogged all over this vibrant country and even spent a little time in Siem Riep. She started out in bustling Ho Chi Minh city where she had to cross

Work of art pork buns in Hanoi
Best Banh Mi Ever in Hoi An (Quay Banh My Bakery Phuong)

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You’ve Been Featured: Writing For Magazines or Newspapers*Say It Isn’t So: A Storytelling Class*
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So You Want To Be A Freelancer*
Hook Ups, Break Ups, And Missed Connections: Writing The Relationship Essay*
Story Time: A Performed Essay Workshop
Query Letter Clinic: Writing The Pitch That Sells Your Story
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How To Hook An Agent* 

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From The Page To The Stage: A One-Person Show Workshop*
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Story Time: A Performed Essay Workshop

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Structure, Structure, Structure: Building The Foundation For A Killer Book or Movie*
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Where did you land this Christmas and New Years? Did you go home or avoid home at all costs? What were some details of your trip and what will you always remember?  Then post your ten minute write in the comments of this blog to get entered into the contest for a free class!