By Marilyn Friedman


sad_loveThank you to those of you posted for our Writing Pad Valentine’s Day Contest. We received so many hysterical entries that the choice was hard, but after much deliberation, we selected the winner, Phil Krampf! Phil won a free 1-day class of his choice. Below is his response to the question “What was your worst Valentine’s Day Disaster?”


phil_krampf“My almost-girlfriend was teaching a workshop on relationships on Valentine’s weekend one year and I was the only one who showed up. So we argued about that and other things and broke up for good.”


Phil is a comedy writer who is working on a close-to-final draft of a Rom-Com. His favorite, and only, place to write is in the room behind him in the picture, where he tends to act out scenes and loudly re-do dialogue, so there’s literally no place like home.


Congrats, Phil!