Summer Fun Writing Prompt

By Lizzie Vance and Marilyn Friedman

Now that the month of June is here (and the warm weather is being coy), it’s time to switch gears and go on our summer adventures–even if it’s only on the page. We have a lot of fun activities planned for June and July including an Adult Summer Camp with award-winning novelist and short story writer Maureen McHugh and Emmy-award nominated screenwriters Victor Levin and Michael Saltzman!  Reserve your spot before our camp and other classes are full by clicking on the links below or emailing

*Classes with an asterix will be held at our Westside location in Culver City!

Classes Starting This Week/Next Week
What’s On Your Mind? Building Your Brand Through Social Media*
Meet Me Now, Squeeze Me Later: Crafting the Studio Romantic Comedy*
So You Want To Be A Writer?
Finishing School

Creative Writing and Multi-Genre Classes
So You Want To Be A Writer?*
Finishing School

Fiction and Memoir
Writing Pad Summer Camp (Fiction/Memoir Track)
A Novel Approach: Tackling The Long Format Writing Project
Fantasies, Flashbacks, and Fictions: Finding Your Character’s Inner Life
Writing The Market Friendly Masterpiece
Vampires, Time Machines, and Shapeshifters: Writing Paranormal Fiction*
Memorable Memoir Bootcamp: Make Your True Tales Thrilling
Journalism, Personal Essay and Web Writing
So You Want To Be A Freelancer*
Facebook and Twitter 101
Me.Com: Shaolin Email Blasts, Razor Sharp Taglines, and Stealth Web Copy
What Women Want: Writing For The Women’s Glossy

Get Your Book Published*
How To Hook An Agent 

Writing Pad Summer Camp (Screenwriting Track)
Punch It Up
How I Met Your Sitcom: Crafting An Ensemble Comedy Show

Writing Prompt: Here’s a writing prompt to get you summ-imagination going! Make a list of your 3 most memorable moments from the summers of your childhood (e.g. that costume contest you won by wearing your Wonder Woman Underoos to camp, your first kiss at sleep away camp, a backpacking trip with your family to Yosemite where you almost died). Pick one. Add a sensory detail to it (e.g. smell, taste, sound, touch). Now write for 10 minutes and post the results in the comments of this blog to be entered into the contest for a free class at Writing Pad!

Happy summer, everyone!

Write about a summer camp or vacation memory from your childhood. Post your 10 minute write in the comments of this blog, and you could win a free class!

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