By: Lauren E. Smith


She’s a clinical psychologist by day and a writer at night. Susan Steinberg-Oren’s background in psychology paired with her twenty-three years of parenting experience has given her the material to write several journal articles and two anthologies that focus on family dynamics. No matter how many publications you have under your belt, there comes a time when every writer experiences writer’s block. After toying with a piece for over a year, Susan turned to Writing Pad for help.


Susan credits her latest publication to Cole Kazdin’s “Your Essay in 1200 Words” Writing Pad workshop. She shares, “I really wanted to publish this story and the class made it happen. Cole helped me to discover the core essence of my story and to organize it into a more effective and compelling format.” Not only did Susan benefit from Kazdin’s guidance, but through a student connection she was introduced to online magazine editor. “I sent it to the Huff Post on Monday, heard back within 5 minutes, and it was published on Saturday. Thank you, Writing Pad,” she says.


You’re welcome, Susan! We are very proud of your success and your moving, beautifully written essay. Click here to read Susan’s Huff Post publication.