Thinking of writing flash fiction? Writing Padder and Flash Fiction Writer Tammy Delatorre recently wrote and workshopped her flash fiction piece, “Scar Girl,” at the Writing Pad. A few weeks later, she got this piece published on The Molotov Cocktail. Read an interview with Tammy below, conducted by Rutgers...Read More »



By Lauren E. Smith


After winning Writing Pad’s Story Lotto competition (out of over 100 contestants) in August 2014, Kevin McGeehan brought a few prize winning stories to Cole Kazdin’s “Publishing Your Personal Essay” class in September 2014. Kevin transformed what he learned in the essay class and...Read More »



By Lauren E. Smith


Ersilia Pompilio is one of Writing Pad’s loyal students who has blossomed into a published writer and notable performer. She says, “Without Writing Pad, I’m not sure if the creative part of me would have ever came out of the closet.” Since...Read More »



By: Lauren E. Smith


She’s a clinical psychologist by day and a writer at night. Susan Steinberg-Oren’s background in psychology paired with her twenty-three years of parenting experience has given her the material to write several journal articles and two anthologies that focus on family dynamics. No...Read More »



By: Lauren E. Smith


Actress, Director, Performer, Tess Paras does it all. Now, she’s on her way into the writer’s room after taking a TV Comedy class at Writing Pad. Her half-hour comedy pilot, “Jewlipino” is a semi-finalist in Screencraft’s: Pilot Launch Competition. This means that her pilot...Read More »

Story Lotto Winner: Hillary Buckholtz

by Abbey Hester


Listen. This is L.A. We know a lot of you are starving artists. You’re trying to make ends meet while also following your dreams. It’s hard out there for a pim… writer. So we got to thinking. What could we do to help?


We had this idea for...Read More »

Success Story: Tammy Delatorre

Writing Pad student, Tammy Delatorre, has been busy. Her writing has appeared in LA Times, Salon, xoJane, Many Mountains Moving, Newport Review, and is forthcoming in Perceptions: A Magazine of the Arts. She was a finalist in the 2014 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, a finalist in the 2012 William Richey...Read More »

A Tally of Success: Writing Pad Toots its Horn

By Paula Sword Orr and Marilyn Friedman

We’ve helped writers of every background get articles and essays published. We’ve even helped professional writers get published in bigger places. No matter what you do or what kind of family you’re from (from The Brady Bunch to Shameless), you’ve got stories...Read More »

Success Story: Memoirist and Published Essayist Antonia Crane

By Theresa Miller
Writer Antonia Crane has just published her first book, and we got to sit down with her to talk about it. She shares some great advice and lets us in on her writing process. We’re proud to say that Antonia is a past Writing Pad...Read More »

Meet Toni Gallagher: Published Novelist and Writing Pad Success Story

by Theresa Miller
Toni Gallagher is a Writing Pad student and about to be published author. She recently landed an agent and a book deal after taking some Writing Pad classes! We asked Toni a few questions about her novel, her career in reality TV, and what makes...Read More »

Meet Veronica Bane: Published Novelist and Writing Pad Success Story

by Theresa Miller
Veronica Bane is a Writing Pad student and published author of the well-received book series, “The Unusuals.” Veronica agreed to talk with us about her book, what makes her a unique writer, and what helped her get published.
1. What...Read More »

Write, Write, Write: An Interview With WP Success Brandy Colbert

by Alana Saltz
Brandy Colbert is a Writing Pad alum who recently sold her YA novel “Pointe” to G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (an imprint of Penguin). Her book will hit the shelves in April 2014. We asked Brandy a few...Read More »

Meet Amy Pengra: A Writing Pad Success Story

by Marilyn Friedman
As a student, Amy Pengra made full use of Writing Pad as her playground. After taking class with Marilyn Friedman, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, and then performing at Christine Schoewald’s personal essay show, Amy landed her piece in the pages of Marie Claire. Her...Read More »

Writing Pad Student to Master: An Interview with Lisa Donato

by Marilyn Friedman
Since Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s essay writing class this fall, Writing Pad student Lisa Donato has successfully landed her writing in SELF Magazine, the L.A. Times, Whole Life Times, and 5280, a Colorado Magazine. She took some time out of her burgeoning freelance career to tell...Read More »

Writing Pad Student Kit Rich Published in SELF

by Marilyn Friedman
Writing Pad student Kit Rich took Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s women’s magazine class and wound up with her piece “At 17, I Never Thought My Life Would Turn Out Like This” published on the pages of SELF Magazine. We recently got...Read More »

A 99 Day Writing Experiment with Courtney Kocak

by Marilyn Friedman
Writing Pad student Courtney Kocak is nearing the end of her 15 article series for xoJane, and we caught up with her to get a glimpse of how the process is going.
How did you come up with the idea for your...Read More »

A Novel Journey with Jeff Turrentine

by Halie Rosenberg
If you’ve ever thought about writing a novel, you’re not alone. Here at Writing Pad many of us are working on such a feat, including journalist and critic, Jeff Turrentine.
Jeff has been a contributing writer and editor at Architectural Digest magazine since...Read More »