robbie_foxRobbie Fox has sold over 60 projects to the major studios and has written over 12 produced films. His entree into Hollywood was writing and directing “The Great O’Grady”, an award- winning short for Columbia Pictures and Showtime. His original screenplays include “So I Married An Axe-Murderer” with Mike Myers, “Shooting Elizabeth” with Jeff Goldblum and “In The Army Now” with Pauley Shore. Upcoming scripts include “CHRISTMAS NEVERENDING” (writing and directing for MPCA), “Still Life” to be directed by FISHER STEVENS and “Plastic” to be directed by Walt Becker. His original script “Playing For Keeps”, starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Catherine Zeta Jones and Uma Thurman, was released worldwide December 2012. Robbie also has done rewrites on films including “My Girl” with Macauley Culkin” and the Disney animated Mickey Mouse short “Runaway Brain”. For theater, he wrote the book for an original musical “The Gift” (Tiffany Theater, Los Angeles.) His TV work includes the pilots “The Bobby & Larry Show” (co-writer/co-director), “The Wife & Times Of Teddy Berman” (writer, star). He studied theater at Northwestern University and screenwriting at NYU.