Write from the Heart: A Chat with Reyna Grande

By Abbey Hester and Paula Sword Orr


Reyna Grande is a bestselling author of three books (two novels and a memoir) that deal with immigration. The LA Times praised the memoir as “the ‘Angela’s Ashes’ of the modern Mexican immigrant experience.” She’s received some pretty hefty awards for her writing,...Read More »

Backpacking Through the Literary World: An Interview With Journalist Nathan Deuel

 By Desiree Ross


Did you know that Nathan Deuel walked nearly 2,000 miles from New York to New Orleans? His shoes are made for walkin’! Nathan has also had an impressive walk through the literary world. From essays and reviews to fiction, editorial positions with top magazines and newspapers and now his first book,...Read More »

Sleuthing Out the Story: An Interview with David Corbett

Want mystery, intrigue, and colorful characters in your stories? To amplify all those elements in your storytelling, Writing Pad brings you a weekend with David Corbett on Mar. 8-10!
David’s work has been touted as “the best in contemporary crime fiction” by the Washington Post. This January, Penguin published...Read More »

Heather Havrilesky: Writing Like Your Life Depends On It

By Erin Auerbach


Whether reliving childhood experiences, analyzing the psychological underpinnings of sitcom parents or exposing the unglamorous absurdity of greeting card holidays, Heather Harvrilesky injects her writing with candor and zinging wit.


A regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine, she spent seven years as the TV critic for...Read More »