By Jeff Bernstein
Writer Melissa Chadburn is a star in LA’s literary fiction scene. She’s been published in McSweeney’s, Tin House, the Rumpus, amongst other places, and her novel, A Tiny Upward Shove, is being published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and will released in 2016.


Melissa was kind enough...Read More »


by Sandy Cabada


If you are in search of an experienced and successful writer to help you reel in that dreaded second or third draft, Liza Palmer is your girl. Palmer has five bestselling novels under her belt and her sixth “Girl Before a Mirror,” will be out on January...Read More »


by Sandy Cabada


Tiphanie Yanique’s list of accomplishments is long and impressive. She won the 2011 BOCAS Prize for Caribbean Fiction, Boston Review Prize in Fiction, and an Academy of American Poet’s Prize. She has been listed by the Boston Globe as one of the sixteen cultural figures to watch...Read More »


By Cait Mylchreest


If you’re looking to craft concise, exciting, and grounded short stories, look no further than the incomparable Jim Gavin, a long-time SoCal resident and author of the new short story collection “Middle Men” (Simon & Schuster). His fiction has also appeared in a variety of well-known publications...Read More »

Amber Benson: Writing Your Fears

by Theresa Miller
Though you may remember her as Tara Maclay from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, these days Amber Benson is doing the writing and people are really taking notice. We’re very privileged to have Amber teaching a few writing classes at the Pad including A...Read More »

Success Story: Tammy Delatorre

Writing Pad student, Tammy Delatorre, has been busy. Her writing has appeared in LA Times, Salon, xoJane, Many Mountains Moving, Newport Review, and is forthcoming in Perceptions: A Magazine of the Arts. She was a finalist in the 2014 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, a finalist in the 2012 William Richey...Read More »

Meet Veronica Bane: Published Novelist and Writing Pad Success Story

by Theresa Miller
Veronica Bane is a Writing Pad student and published author of the well-received book series, “The Unusuals.” Veronica agreed to talk with us about her book, what makes her a unique writer, and what helped her get published.
1. What...Read More »

Writing Prompt: Snap Shot Moment

By Desiree Ross


You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s true! With the click of a button and a blinding flash, a brief moment can be frozen for a lifetime, creating some of our most cherished, hilarious, or unwanted memories. But in the end,...Read More »

Write from the Heart: A Chat with Reyna Grande

By Abbey Hester and Paula Sword Orr


Reyna Grande is a bestselling author of three books (two novels and a memoir) that deal with immigration. The LA Times praised the memoir as “the ‘Angela’s Ashes’ of the modern Mexican immigrant experience.” She’s received some pretty hefty awards for her writing,...Read More »

Poet and Novelist Extraordinaire: An Interview with Ron Koertge

By Paula Sword Orr and Halie Rosenberg


Ron Koertge is super prolific. He’s an award winning poet AND Young Adult author. Borrow his work ethic and you could be right on your way to a new book of poetry — maybe even a novel, too.


Ron’s poetry has been included twice...Read More »

Exploring Your Inner Teenager With Lauren Strasnick

by Alana Saltz


If you’re interested in learning more about Young Adult fiction, the newest craze in the literary world, Lauren Strasnick can give you the inside scoop. She’s already published three successful YA novels! Her first novel “Nothing Like You” was a RWA RITA award finalist. Her second novel,...Read More »

From Trial Attorney to Bestselling Author: James Scott Bell

So you wanna write a novel? Great! Set yourself up for success by learning from master craftsman James Scott Bell.


Not only has James written numerous thrillers – including Deceived, Try Dying, Watch Your Back, One More Lie, and the Mallory Caine series – but he’s...Read More »

Ben Loory: The Art of the Short Story

By Lorinda Toledo


Ben Loory’s short stories are unique and have universal appeal. Maybe it’s his background in screenwriting. Or maybe it’s his talking televisions and humorous octopi. Or perhaps its his succinct, yet dream-like prose.


Publisher’s weekly has compared Ben to Kafka and famed Hollywood animator Tex Avery. His stories...Read More »

Maureen McHugh Talks Flash Fiction

By Lorinda Toledo
Maureen McHugh is best known for her short stories, but her resume is long. She has written two collections of short stories and four novels, including “China Mountain Zhang” which was nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula award and won the James Tiptree, Jr....Read More »

Exploring the Real Within the Surreal with Francesca Lia Block

Award-winning author Francesca Lia Block knows novels. She has published over 30 ground breaking novels—postmodern, magic-realist tales that transport readers to the unfamiliar within the familiar, the real within the surreal.

If you’re interested in writing a bestselling novel of your own, Francesca is offering a special online Read More »

Creating New Worlds: An Interview with Zoe Archer

By Alana Saltz

It’s not an easy task for a writer to create a world so complex and engaging that readers want to savor it book after book. RITA award-nominated novelist Zoe Archer has discovered the magic potion that hooks readers from page one and keeps...Read More »

Character Creation with Award-winning Author Sherri L. Smith

Whether you want to write the next Twilight or the next Great American Novel, there is an art to creating multi-faceted characters that will draw your readers in from page 1, and Writing Pad has just the author to teach you how.
Sherri L. Smith is the author of...Read More »

Sleuthing Out the Story: An Interview with David Corbett

Want mystery, intrigue, and colorful characters in your stories? To amplify all those elements in your storytelling, Writing Pad brings you a weekend with David Corbett on Mar. 8-10!
David’s work has been touted as “the best in contemporary crime fiction” by the Washington Post. This January, Penguin published...Read More »

Shades of Amelia Gray: From Fantasy to Reality and Everything In Between

It’s time to turn your real life fiction aspirations into reality, and, fortunately, Writing Pad has just the person to help set you on your way.


Meet Amelia Gray. She’s authored not one, not two, but THREE books over the past four years. First out was her debut short...Read More »

Crafting The Page-turner With Bestselling Author Janelle Brown

Are you ready to finally finish that novel you’ve been dreaming about? We think it’s finally time to bring that story to life, and you can put yourself in the trusted hands of Janelle Brown to help you do so.
Brown’s debut novel, All We Ever Wanted...Read More »

Jessica Brody: On Novel Ideas and Commercial Success

By Erin Auerbach
Jessica Brody will be the first to tell you that her “overnight success” took at least five years. Instead of letting rejection letters from her first attempts at book publishing discourage her, she took agents’ comments and used them to improve her writing. Now...Read More »

In Conversation with Short Story Scribe/Novelist Melissa Clark

By Sophia Kercher

Melissa Clark
Novelist and published short story writer Melissa Clark likes to dive into the extraordinary. Her book “Swimming Upstream, Slowly”  features a character named Sasha Salter who discovers that she is pregnant, even though she hasn’t had sex in years. It turns out that Sasha’s body...Read More »

HOW TO CRUSH IT WITH WORDS: Finishing and publishing your book, A conversation with Ernessa T. Carter

By Halie Rosenberg

What are your plans for this Friday night? Takeout and TV? Drinks at a bar? Whatever it is, it won’t be as much fun or as informative as if you come down to the Pad. That’s right–published author of 32 Candles (and Writing Pad...Read More »

The Evolution of Her Story: Ernessa T. Carter

Interview by Halie Rosenberg

Meet Ernessa T Carter, an awesome writing pad alum and as of June 22, 2010 a published author!! While we wait for our pre-ordered copy of her new book, 32 Candles, to arrive, we asked Ernessa about her book and how she got...Read More »

The Evolution of Her Story: Ernessa T. Carter

Interview by Halie Rosenberg

Meet Ernessa T Carter, an awesome writing pad alum and as of June 22, 2010 a published author!! While we wait for our pre-ordered copy of her new book, 32 Candles, to arrive, we asked Ernessa about her book and how she got...Read More »