Writing Prompt: Snap Shot Moment

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By Desiree Ross


You know the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s true! With the click of a button and a blinding flash, a brief moment can be frozen for a lifetime, creating some of our most cherished, hilarious, or unwanted memories. But in the end, those snap shots can inspire a great story!


Now that you’re thinking about taking a look into your old photo albums, why not use some of those memories to inspire your writing?  What if you could take class in your favorite pajamas without leaving your bed? Now you can. Write the story of your life if you take bestselling memoirist Brett Paesel’s Live Online Memoir Bootcamp, where you’ll mine the past for some literary gold. Or fictionalize your experiences with bestselling novelist Francesca Lia Block in her Live Online Novel Writing Class. Or write a story so memorable it wins the Moth with three-time Moth GrandSlam winner Cole Kazdin in her Storytelling Workshop starting this Tues.


Writing Pad has all of the tools you need to turn your experiences into compelling tales. Keep scrolling down for Writing Pad’s radiant roster of 2014 classes below. At the bottom of the list, you’ll also find this week’s writing prompt. A little early Valentine’s Day gift from the pad to get your mojo flowing!


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Writingpalooza: Find Your Literary Mojo


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Writing for Actors/Writing For The Stage
Grand Slam Story: A Storytelling Workshop (5 Wk)


Writing Prompt:
This week, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane. That’s right folks — it’s picture time! Go into your photo albums (or your Facebook and Instagram albums) and find three photos that capture you. Pick one. Then write down your favorite sensory detail to describe the scene (i.e. the feeling of sand in your toes on the beach, the taste of your grandma’s holiday fruit cake) and tell us the story behind your photo. Who knows what hilarious, wild, or warm story your snap shot moment will inspire. Write for 10 minutes about the story behind a memorable photo and include a sensory detail. Maybe you’ll write that Valentine’s Day poem for your hot someone. The picture below is my snap shot memory.



I’m pretty weird. While most twenty-one year birthday celebrations involve lots of boos and blackouts, all I wanted for my twenty-first birthday was a photo shoot. Seeing this image brings back very disturbing memories. To you, I may seem at ease and peace as I gaze into the unknown… Quite the contrary. All that haunts my memories is the feeling of hot burning lights on my face. I’m not looking into the great unknown. I’m trying to preserve my vision, as screaming light beams try to blind me. But I guess I should have been happy because the scorching heat made for an amazing natural blush. To the average eye, I seem to be leaning elegantly against a brilliant white wall. In reality, I was struggling to stand in 6-inch stilettos (which I should add were visible in none of the photos) as my friend positioned my lower body in positions I didn’t know were humanly possible. Sounds like a photo challenge on America’s Next Top Model, right?


The things I went through to be a twenty-one year old flapper living in the year 2010.


What’s your snap shot memory? Write about it for 10 minutes and post your story in the comments. You could win a free class!


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