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When Marilyn Friedman first arrived in LA in 2004, she tried in vain to find a great writing class. She searched high and low, from Silverlake to Simi Valley. She braved cramped surroundings, stinky salads, lackluster writing prompts, and heavily medicated instructors.


Friends got tired of hearing Marilyn’s complaints. “Start your own writing school,” they said, “At least you won’t have to commute…”


Writing Pad (writing classes at our pad) was born. We took out all the things that make a writing class unproductive and kept all the things we loved about writing classes: a comfortable artist’s space, inspirational teachers, a nurturing environment, and tasty snacks so people wouldn’t be hungry when they wrote.


We started with “So You Want To Be A Writer” a creative-writing class that Marilyn taught in our small Silverlake apartment. People loved the class but they wanted to take other classes. We started hiring award-winning teachers and the list kept growing. We wanted to support our students so we started an events series including expert panels, meetups, and retreats.


Almost ten years, hundreds of classes and three locations later we’ve built a community of amazing, supportive, and talented writers. We hope you’ll join us at the Pad.