September/October Comment Contest Winner

By Marilyn Friedman
Thank you to those of you who have been submitting stories to our comment contests! We finally have a winner for our September/October comment contest. If you didn’t win this round, there’s plenty of time to enter our April/May contest for a chance to win a free one day writing class.
And the winner of the September/October contest is . . . Jennifer Mora!
Jennifer won a free $80 class with her suspenseful childhood story. We asked Jennifer about her writing process:

What inspires you to write?
Everyone has a story to tell and at present, my life is my inspiration. My writing has been focused on my own personal journey, which has been somewhat therapeutic and allows me to express uncomfortable thoughts that I may otherwise be unable or unwilling to verbalize. That said, I look forward to tapping into my creative side and writing a fictional short story about someone other than me.
And where is your favorite place to write?
Coffee Bean. I have a hard time writing where it’s quiet and find it somewhat comforting to be surrounded by other people who are working, reading, studying or maybe even writing. The people-watching can be a good source of ideas.
We love writing in cafes too! Congratulations Jen!