Pat_Charles_2You have all the elements of a great TV Drama: a great premise, clear characters, an engaging world all in a first draft. Unfortunately, when you read it, the magic you felt when it was on index cards just isn’t there. No problem! Pat Charles (Sons of Anarchy, Netflix’s Iron Fist) will show you how to make your script great in this 7-week intensive Los Angeles TV Drama Pilot Rewrite Workshop. In this class, you’ll learn how to focus your story, trim the fat, tighten your dialogue and sharpen your action. You’ll refine the language of your script word by word, line by line, scene by scene and act by act. You’ll also learn how applying theme to your pilot will elevate your work and get you closer to the impeccable screenplay, which will advance your career. Pat will also show you how to introduce your characters, write that killer opening scene and with a little elbow grease, turn your first draft into literary gold. Emmy not included.


Instructor: Pat Charles
May 20, June 3, 10, 24, July 8, 15, 22 (7 Sat. afternoons)
2:45 p.m.-6:45p.m.
Cost: $995 (include snacks and tea)
Location: Writing Pad West 2452 Overland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064
Prerequisites: TV Drama Pilot 5 Wk, 7 Wk or So You Want To Be A TV Writer and TV Draft 7 Wk or 10 Wk at Writing Pad.
You should have a rough draft of your pilot before taking this class.
Note: Class will be limited to 8 students.




Pat Charles is currently a writer and Supervising Producer on the Marvel/Netflix show Iron Fist. He has written on Sons of Anarchy for F/X, has been a writer and producer on Bones for FOX and a writer and supervising producer on Resurrection for ABC. Pat has also sold five...Read More »



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