don_reedDon Reed (NPR’s Snap Judgment, Showtime, Comedy Central) is a San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Nominee and NAACP Triple Nominee for Best Actor & Best Playwright. He has performed, written and directed for film, television and theater. Don’s 5 solo shows have run a total of 7 years virtually uninterrupted in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Off Broadway. His first solo show, “East 14th,” led to his opening act job for NBC’s “The Tonight Show” for over 1,000 episodes. Don’s second solo show, “The Kipling Hotel,” is being developed into a half-hour single camera comedy. Additionally, Don has written, directed, produced and starred in short films for HBO. His HBO shorts garnered the attention of Paramount who cast him as a series regular and writer on the sketch comedy show “Off Limits.” He has been a Creative Consultant on half-hour television comedies and developed screenplays for Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule and Maverick Filmworks. Don’s most recent solo show, “STEREOTYPO: Rants & Rumblings at the DMV,” got him a co-starring role in director Finn Taylor’s upcoming feature “Unleashed.” Don’s has had recurring and guest starring roles on television shows including “The RERUN Show,” “Dream On,” “Cosby Show,” “A Different World”. His voice work includes: “Spiderman”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Law & Order”, “Saturday Night Live” and most recently, CBS’s “2 Broke Girls,” as Nancy the Cat giving birth. Reed has also written promotions for “The Voice,” “The Golden Globes,” “Seinfeld,” “Will & Grace,” “The Academy Awards,” “MLB,” “Chappelle’s Show,” “Tyler Perry Films,” the Olympics and 10 solo shows.