Are you broke but really want to take a writing class? We are always looking for responsible, hard working class assistants to help us with class set up and clean up. Email with resume and cover letter if interested.


If you are accepted as a helper, you need to show up 1 hour before class for set up and/or stay 45 min. afterwards for clean up. It’s not hard, and you’ll get half off the class for your time and assistance but please note our cancellation policy as your discount is dependent on you helping:


I agree to the following cancellation policy: I authorize Marilyn of Writing Pad to charge my credit card.By signing up to be a half-helper, I’ve agreed to the following policy: I will pay the entire amount of the class at half price, even if I have chosen a payment plan. My discounted admission is in exchange for either set up of the class (show up 1 hour before class start time) or clean up (stay 30 to 45 min. after the class) or both. If I can’t come to class, I will call or email as far in advance as possible. Marilyn will do everything she can to find a replacement helper but can’t make any guarantees. Refund eligibility is not based upon my reason for being unable to attend class; it is based upon the timing of the request and our ability to fill the spot. If she finds someone to take your place, I will receive class credit minus a $10 processing fee. Otherwise, my payment will be forfeited. If I cancel the day of class, show up too late to help, or Marilyn is unable to find a replacement, I’ll pay for the balance of the class cost as I’ve forfeited my discount.