By Spencer Lee


Marvel’s summer juggernaut Ant-Man poses the question, “When it comes to super heroes, does size really matter?”


In a season filled with giant hulking heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four blowing stuff up, Ant-Man is an oddity. He’s a guy who gets big things done...Read More »

Vietnam vacation

By Antonia Crane and Marilyn Friedman

Relieved the holidays are over? Not so fast. Where did you go for your winter break and why? More Americans than ever drove their cars instead of flying this year and Antonia followed suit. At the last minute, she decided...Read More »

How I Finished my Book at The Writing Pad Retreat

by Amy Robinson

Ojai Writing Pad Retreat in a gorgeous craftsman home

My carpool of three women drove to the Writing Pad Retreat in the misty Ojai mountains on a cool Friday afternoon. As we pulled up to the beautiful, eco-lodge property, I could feel the work...Read More »

Writing Pad's Guide to Graduate School

Written by Kimberly Faith Waid, Edited by Halie Rosenberg

Applying for an MFA doesn’t have to require a prescription to Xanax. It can be daunting but when done right can also be a lot of fun. In 2010, Kimberly Faith Waid graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing Fiction...Read More »

Writing Pad Gift Guide For Writers

This week, I was inspired by Daily Candy’s hipster holiday gift guides. So here are my gift suggestions for your friends and loved ones who are writers:

1. “Work-shopping”

Writing Pad’s gourmet writing classes are as fun as shopping but are deliciously productive. Our gift certificates are packaged in pretty...Read More »

I Heart LA: Five Steps to Knowing Your City Better Than Your Friends Do

By Kimberly Faith Waid

Kimberly, a writer for Metromix, gave us her top picks for things to do in Los Angeles before she moved to NYC.

Outdoor Movies
One of the biggest perks to being an Angelino is LA’s temperate climate. It comes as no surprise that a few...Read More »