“Marilyn is an amazing facilitator for writers. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, provides insightful feedback, and inspires a commitment to a writing habit.”

Paul Briggs, Story Artist, Walt Disney Feature Animation


“I wanted to express my immense gratitude for the classes that you teach! The So You Want To Be A Writer class has become the highlight of my week! It leaves me feeling inspired and wanting to achieve my writing goals. I really enjoy the exercises that you give us and, of course, the wonderful appetizers and desserts! Also, the poetry class was amazing! I loved, loved it! I never thought that I was a poetry-writing-kinda-gal!”

Kristin Schotts, Writer


“I am sooo HAPPY that I took the So You Want To Be A Writer class. I love Thursdays– it’s a great environment! The class inspired me to get back into writing and pushed me to start a novel. Marilyn, you have really inspired me and I hope I can take another class with you later on!”

Denise Foscil, Writer


“Take this class and get in touch with your inner unicorn. But seriously, Marilyn leads a very professional free-form writing class without taking any fun out of the process. The class is well-organized with diverse exercises. The two and a half hours hours sail by, and you’ll surely like the food.”

Maggie Malone, Creative Executive, Walt Disney Feature Animation


“Thank you so much for your fun, inspiring classes and for creating a comfortable, open environment for writers to explore their ideas. I am so glad that I signed up for Free Writing From the Senses and Erotic Free Writing—both classes were a lot of fun and gave me great material to work with. I look forward to the stories and articles I’ll be able to construct from the beginnings I developed at Writing Pad.”

Kathy Belben, Writer, Veronica Mars


“Marilyn is an amazing facilitator for writers. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, provides insightful feedback, and inspires a commitment to a writing habit.”

Amy Hoffma, Writer


“Marilyn gives others the courage to write from the gut and to be experimental. She gives insightful, encouraging feedback. She reminds us that writing is not only a complex and intimate expression of the self but is also a fun thing to do.”

Chris Delorenzo, Writer, Facilitator, Amherst Writers and Artists Workshops


“Marilyn will get you excited about your writing. She keeps you engaged and motivated with a never-ending supply of writing prompts and exercises. You can always count on Marilyn to be there on time, fully prepared, and full of enthusiasm about sharing her love of language.”

Kim Harvey, Writer


“Marilyn has a remarkable ability to create a non-competitive environment in which everyone is encouraged to find and explore their own voice. From Marilyn, I have learned to focus on those parts of my writing that are working and move forward, instead of getting hung up on the parts that aren’t working and letting them stop me.”

David Blazevich, Writer


“Marilyn is an amazing moderator. She makes you feel so welcome and supported. The free writing exercises she put together really made me create some of my best work. Writing in a group has made me realize that writing doesn’t have to be drudgery, it can be fun!”

Simone Cameron, Writer


“Marilyn’s ability to hold a fun and supportive group is outstanding. She holds sacred the process of finding the writer’s voice. Plus she serves great cheese and chocolates.”

Craig Landry, Writer